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New HLMG Report:

Hizballah’s Terror Army: How To Prevent a Third Lebanon War

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Hizballah’s Terror Army: How To Prevent a Third Lebanon War is the most comprehensive study analysing the threat from Hizballah and the potential for a new Lebanon war. Based on extensive fact-finding, discussions with top officials and the HLMG's collective experience, it examines Hizballah’s vastly upgraded capabilities today, its strategic concept, threat to Israel, the region and the West, and the urgent diplomatic, political and military challenge that the situation today poses.

HLMG member General Lord Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff of the British Army said upon the release of the report:

"Hizballah's massively expanded military capabilities are embedded among the civilian population of Lebanon in what amounts to a war crime. This is also a grave indictment of the inadequacy of the UNIFIL mechanism. With a leadership that controls decisions of war and peace for all of Lebanon, emboldened by Iran’s backing and battlefield experience in Syria, we must work urgently to curtail Hizballah’s activities to help avert a potentially imminent new Lebanon war.”

HLMG member General Klaus Naumann, former Chief of Staff of the German Army and Chair of the NATO military committee notes that "Hizballah is the crown jewel in Iran's strategy of regional warfare by terrorist proxy. Following the common lines of American and European Iran policy, it will be these terrorist proxies that must form the primary target of containing Iran's regional hegemonic ambitions. There is no plausible reason for Iran and Hizballah's enmity towards Israel and the threat the group poses to Israel's civilian population has grown without any of the mechanisms designed to stop it working. We need urgent pressure - not least from Europe - on all aspects of Hizballah's activities and on the governments of Iran and Lebanon or will likely see a new Lebanon war of much worse proportions than the last conflict.”

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A delegation of the High Level Home Front Group met with senior EU officials to discuss their findings related to what European nations can learn from Israel's experience with the domestic terror threat in Brussels on June 28th 2017. A public event to present their findings took place at the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

To download the HLHFG report "Fighting Terror Effectively: An Assessment of Israel's Experience on the Home Front" click here.
The Telegraph
27 October 2016

Keep calm and work with Israel to defeat the security threat from Islamic State

With the assault on Mosul into its eleventh day and an attack by the US and its allies on Raqqa imminent, Britain is locked in conflict abroad with an enemy that directly threatens our home front. Read more...

Lawfare, the abuse of international norms and procedures and the judicialisation of international institutions to attain strategic goals that cannot be achieved by political and military means, has become a common feature in modern conflicts. It has evolved into a new weapon in the hands of our enemies seeking to constrain and limit the ability of Western armies to pursue our national security interests.

The High Level Military Group (HLMG) was formed in early 2015 with a mandate to address the implications for Western warfare of fighting enemies who disregard the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) but exploit our own nations' adherence to LOAC for their gain.

HLMG members discussing the 2014 Gaza Conflict with an IDF soldier on a field visit in southern Israel

HLMG members have a wealth of experience at the very highest operational and policy levels as regards the conduct of warfare and its attendant policies.

Our purpose is to add a professional military and legal element to debates about warfare in the 21st Century, which at times have been ill-informed and politicised, and which are of vital importance to our own armies and alliance partners.